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Exide Powersafe, Sealed Maintenance free VRLA batteries with enhanced design features, which give a higer performances & reliability, better suited to indian conditions. Exide Powersafe is a product of colloborative efforts of in-house R&D of Exide Industries Ltd., the largest lead-acid battery manufacture of india and M/s.

Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co., Japan, the makers of world renowned Hitachi batteries. No wonder it is approved by all major OEMs and institutional customers and is considered to be the power pack of the future.
Highlights of the new Powersafe

  • New revolutionary HS* Technology.

  • Modified design for more reliability.

  • Enhanced compatability to PSOC operation.

  • Improved aesthetics with optical brightener.

  • Stronger, Sturdier attractive packaging.

  • New Improved Sealed Maintenance free.

  • Free from Orientation Constraints.

  • Eco-friendly and Easy Handling and No installation constraints.

  • Ready-to-use and Long Service Life.

  • Low Self-Discharge and Excellent charge retention and recovering ability.

  • Superior High-Rate Discharge, High Reliability & Wide Range.


  • UPS System.

  • Telecommunication Equipment.

  • Solar Lantern.

  • Emergency Light & Electronic Weighing Scale.