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Exide Inva Queen has rygged internal elements required for with standing frequent and long powercuts. It is housed in a light-weight, durable, beautiful poly propylene container making it the Queen of all inverter batteries.

You can proudly display it in your living room. The thick plates ensure a long life and its through partition inter-cell connections ensure an even better voltage profile on discharge. The result : a steady discharge during powercuts of long duration and also enhanced service life.

Moreever, it has got flat terminals and electrolyte level indicators, making INVAQUEEN a truly user-friendly inverter battery.

  • More than 20% extra electrolyte which means lesser topping-up frequency and an unhindered performmance.

  • Better thermal management.

  • Cutomised exclusively for inverters.

  • Expected life - 2 years plus - under arduous conditions.

  • Special glass mat bonded polyethylene seperator reduces the probability of internal short circuit, thus enhancing the service life.
MODEL Capacity at 27°C When discharged at 20 hours rate (C20) to 1.75 VPC Capacity at 27°C When discharged at 10 hours rate (C10) to 1.75 VPC L
+/- 5mm
+/- 5mm
+/- 5mm
Electrolyte Vol.litres (approx) Filled
Height upto Float top Height upto Terminal top
INVAQUEEN 500+ 150AH* 125AH 506 506 220 273 32.7 15.0 50.6