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Amaron® Hi - Life Batteries come to you from Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), the largest manufacturers of Stand - by VRLA Insuatrial Batteries in the Indian Ocean Rim Region and Johnson Controls Inc., leading auto battery makers in the Americas and world leaders in Automative Systems and Controls.

Amaron® Hi - Life Batteries are made in an ISO 9001, QS 9000, ISO 14001 and TS16949 certified plant using proven world class technology, making them Last Long.

AmaronĀ® Design Features and Benefits

Premium Silver Alloy(SILVEN X™)

  • Long Life: Reformulated Advanta™.

  • Paste Recipe.

  • Zero Maintenance : High Heat.

  • Technology, Premium Silver Alloy.

  • (SILVEN X™), for low corrosion.

  • No top - ups, Fully Sealed & Tested: Factory Charged, Wet Shipped, Ready to fit.

  • Wet Shipped, Ready to fit.

No Leakage / Improved Safety

  • Patented BIC Vents.

  • Higher Cranking Power.

  • largest Inter Cell Welds.

  • 199 mm Lugs, Microprocessor Controlled Tester

  • Customer Satisfaction.

  • ARBS™ - Diagnostic Service.

  • Program Using Special.

Warranty Every AmaronĀ® Hi - Life Battery comes with 36 months warranty A comprehensive 18 months free replacement warranty that commences right on the date of purchase against manufacturing defects.

An additional pro - rata warranty that allows customers to claim rebate corresponding to the period of usage against a new purchase up to 36 months.